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     Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher 

Archangelic Master 

Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist



I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher and an Archangelic Master Teacher. I first became interested in Reiki when I was in college and bought the book Essential Reiki, by Diane Stein. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of energy. However, it was beyond the realm of my understanding and it was pushed to the side as I pursued my studies. Several years later, I found myself really questioning my place and purpose. There was a deep sense that I was not living to my fullest potential and that there was something more I was supposed to be doing with my life.

I signed up for a Reiki class and felt an awakening as I connected to a spiritual side of myself that I had neglected. So much of the teaching resonated with me to my core. Reiki had been calling to me for a long time, and now I was ready to learn.  Reiki raised my consciousness and expanded my understanding of life. 

When I reflect on how my life has changed and expanded since I began practicing Reiki, I am blown away with gratitude! I hope to share this lifeforce energy with you so you can feel more at peace, connected, balanced.

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As a parent and therapist, I recognize the importance of developing healthy habits and attitudes at an early age. This book incorporates my love of the outdoors with an introduction of chakras. It's short and sweet, with beautiful illustrations.

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This is a book about a special place in the Blue Ridge mountains, my hometown, Sparta NC.

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